Leaky Gut Syndrome: Signs And Remedies

Ever hear of Leaky Gut Syndrome? Chances are that you haven’t and yet this condition is becoming a widespread one. The effects of our high-pressure lifestyle, the high stresses people endure daily, poor diet, bacterial and toxic imbalances in the body, all combine to generate lesions in the intestinal membranes. The result is that a lot of nasty biochemical compounds end up flushing right into the bloodstream. This over-stimulates the immune system, compromising its function by making it hypersensitive and triggering off autoimmune disorders.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is at the root of a number of chronic illnesses. Increased inflammation of internal bodily tissues has the immediate effect of releasing cytokines which causes a pervasive fatigue. There is an increase in certain food allergies, which in turn causes further deterioration of the intestinal membranes. A cyclic reaction then ensues which causes further food allergies, which further exacerbates membrane permeability, which then causes more allergic reactions and so on. Joint pain is another symptom of the syndrome as a result of further inflammation and antibody overproduction. Externally, skin rashes and acne break out as the normal protective function of the epidermis is compromised.

As the immune system deteriorates, susceptibility to disease and increasingly longer recovery times from disease occurs from the physical stresses upon the body. One’s mood also deteriorates, as does cognitive function, when bodily inflammation spreads and harmful bacteria such as Helicobacter Pylori circulates to the brain. Neuron firing becomes impaired, resulting in confusion, inability to concentrate, and reduction in memory function and intellectual processing. On top of all this, migraine headaches may occur.

The good news is that there are some simple steps which persons suffering from a leaky gut can undertake to heal oneself and restore good health. Adding beneficial foods such as fermented vegetables, coconut, sprouted seeds and ham or chicken bone broth helps. Cutting out grains and conventional milk may promote digestion of foodstuffs and thus reduce the material which leaks through into the bloodstream. Dietary supplements like glutamine, licorice root, and probiotics and certain digestive enzymes in pill form can help repair the intestinal membranes and digestive system. In addition, stress-reduction is a key component in any health program aimed at reversing Leaky Gut Syndrome. The practice of meditation combined with other calming activities such as enjoying nature walks can help calm the body and allow it to begin healing itself.