Creating Water Features Perfect for Backyard Entertaining

There is no reason why something cannot be functional and decorative at the same time. Pond aerators are an example of this type of product. Floating fountains are able to provide the soothing sound of moving water, a serene visual experience and keep oxygen levels regulated in any outside water feature. Here are three ways to create an amazing backyard water feature.

Choose a Spray

Floating fountains can produce a waterfall arch, a unique two-tier design for a higher blast of water or spray out in different directions tp create interesting patterns on the surface of the water. Deciding which option to choose is either based on the visual appearance desired or could be related to how loud the waterfall should be or how much space is available. Most people do not want the fountain to be large enough that the spray covers the surrounding area outside of the edge of the water. It will waste water and can cause a slipping risk or a muddy perimeter.

Add Some Lights

Lighted fountains make it easy to enjoy the feature on cloudy days and at night. This is the perfect option for anyone that loves to entertain outside after dark. The lights use durable LED bulbs that are extremely energy efficient and will not add any substantial amount to the overall energy usage. Some fountains come with lights and others require the purchase of a separate light kit.

Brighten the Display

When adding lights it makes sense to also add some color. Colored lenses make this possible and a set of interchangeable lenses helps homeowners to adjust the colors for the season, the occasion or just on a whim. The lenses are also removable so the water can be lit at times without any added color.

Outdoor living is more than a trend. It has become a convenient way to expand the size of a home and provide a comfortable area for families and friends to gather. Backyards are not complete without a comfortable seating and entertaining area and some fun accessories. Turn to the Garden Furniture Land Blog for more information about creating a backyard that will make everyone envious.