This is Our Forever Home

When I decided to buy a house, I am so fortunate that I ended up having the best Denver realtor in the area. I had told him what we wanted in a house, and he delivered above and beyond what we wanted. I was not being picky, but there were certain things that I wanted. I had told him that I wanted either a three or four bedroom house with at least four bathrooms. I also wanted a nice back yard because my husband and I enjoy having get togethers with friends and family.

I did want a newer home, and I also wanted a house where I would not need to do a lot of landscaping. My husband wanted a garage, which I thought was a great idea too. We told him the neighborhoods we were interested in, and then we left the rest up to him. That weekend, we started looking at houses. I wish I could say that we found our dream home that first time out, but it took quite a few weekends to be able to say that. It was not the fault of our realtor at all though.

All the houses that he showed us were really great. The only problem was that either I really liked it and my husband didn’t, or I didn’t like it while he did. When we both saw the house that we live in now, we knew that it was the one. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a backyard that is really nice, and a patio kitchen for all our entertaining needs. It has been professionally landscaped already, and it is in a great school district. It has everything we wanted and a few things we didn’t know that we would like. Altogether, it was well worth the wait to find the home that we will live in for the rest of our lives.