An Apartment for My Brother and Myself

I needed to find a two bedroom apartment for my brother and myself, but I did not have a lot of time to do that. I decided to go online and see if I could find something nice that way. I did a search for two bedroom apartments in North Las Vegas 89032, and one of the first complexes I saw was Tribeca North. After seeing all that is offered there, I figured it was going to be out of our price range, but it wasn’t. When I showed it to my brother, he actually got pretty excited about it, which surprised both of us.

Even though he is a truck driver and is on the road a lot, he usually has at least one full week off per month. There are other days where he may be home for one day, which is why we decided it would make sense for him to just get an apartment with me instead of having one sit empty the majority of the month if he got one on his own. The two bedroom unit I found was really great for both of us.

My room is on the far side of the apartment, and his is to the immediate left upon entering the apartment. We each have our own bathrooms, though mine is attached to my room. He didn’t care about that, as he wanted me to have the bigger bedroom with the private bath since I would be living there full time. The kitchen is a nice size, and it opens out onto the living room and dining room. The nice thing is that the dining room opens out onto a patio, and the view there is simply gorgeous. I had no idea that we were going to find such an amazing place when we first started this search!