Is it Possible To Make Mayonnaise Without Using Eggs?

The problem with many healthy food options is that they don’t taste as good as their unhealthy alternatives. Those who are Vegan wish to use products that are egg-free. It is possible to make a great tasting mayonnaise without eggs? Hampton Creek has changed the way that healthy options taste. They created a mayonnaise alternative that contains no eggs. Instead, an egg-substitute was created using Canadian peas, and the results are very tasty. This company believes that healthy food options should taste delicious and be accessible to more people. Their affordable products are changing the way that most people feel about healthy foods.

Most people are surprised to learn that plant-based foods can be so tasty. This particular company offers many great tasting products that are plant-based. Their goal is to make the products affordable and available to everyone. They can be found in stores such as Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Walmart, Dollar Tree and Safeway. This makes them easy to find. The mayonnaise alternative is available in four flavor options that include garlic, chipotle, original and sriracha. Other products made with this egg-substitute include Just Cookies, Just Cookie Dough, Just Ranch, Just Scrambles and Just Coleslaw. They are constantly adding new and inventive products to their impressive line-up.

An egg-substitute that is plant-based offers a cookie dough that can be eaten safely in the raw state. The same cannot be said about cookie dough made with regular eggs. A lot of people are excited about these products because it is changing how they eat. Those who are Vegan are especially excited about affordable, great-tasting products that are very accessible. Who knew that Canadian peas could be transformed into an excellent substitute for eggs?

Most people don’t make healthy food choices because they don’t like the taste. It is good to know that there are better substitutes available. It is easy to see why this is one of the fastest growing food companies. More and more people are trying the products, and they are impressed because they taste great. It is also helpful that the products are affordable and available where most people shop regularly.