Why People Think Restaurants Are A Good Idea

Things to Know About Restaurant Menu Prices

When you are going to open a new restaurant, then you would agree that writing the menu is one of the best parts about it. You can play with the terms and you can also pair different foods so that you can see what really looks good together. However, when you are going to design a restaurant menu, you must know that this can be complicated and hard to understand at times. For instance, what should you do and how much you should charge so that you can make a profit? You need to understand food cost and also portion control very well. These are the two ways which can help you price the menu properly. Keep in mind that you should not be pricing this out of the local market. Moreover, also a great way to ensure that you get a profit is to make a balance of the expensive as well as the inexpensive items.

You need to know that the food cost means the menu price of a particular dish as compared to the food cost which is used for preparing the same dish. This means that how much is paid for the food will determine the amount that you must charge for it. Usually, the cost of food would be around 300 to 350 percent. This means that when you pay a dollar for something, then you have to charge about three dollars. Looking at it, it may show like you are charging more than what is required but what you have to remember is that you are not only paying for the food. You are also paying for those who are preparing and serving the food and doing the cleaning afterwards. You must remember that everything in the restaurant has to be covered by the food which yo serve from the payroll to the electricity bill.

Also an important thing that you must understand on having a restaurant is portion control. One good thing why the chain restaurants are very successful is the fact that they take care of portion control strictly. The cooks in the restaurants know how much is required for the ingredients used in each dish.

Make sure that you measure out everything so that you will be able to practice portion control. Fish, chicken and beef must also be weighed and also you have to store the shredded cheese in the portion control cups and you must also use measuring out for dishing out the mashed potatoes.

You have to understand that food markets actually fluctuate depending on the price of gas, season and weather. When you are able to balance costly items prone to fluctuations with those at stable costs, then you can maintain the desired prices on your menu.

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